Tuesday, January 08, 2013

JP Howell and SoSG

Turns out that new reliever J.P. Howell has a lot in common with us here at Sons of Steve Garvey. Picture if you will, a monkey named...Dangles.

Dangles is inspired from a gift Heather Hennessy-Howell received from her husband, J.P. Howell, who is a Major League Baseball pitcher. The book shares the tales of their true-life adventures and travels shared with the beloved monkey.

Inspired by fellow Son Nomo and his reference to Howell's wife, Heather Hennessy, it looks like there will be even more monkeying around next year with the Dodgers.

Bring it on! Dangles, unchained!

Oh, and about that wife:


Hideo Nomo said...

Plus all those times that Spank dangles.

rbnlaw said...

Brett Mussburger approves of Mrs. Howell.