Friday, November 02, 2012

Vin Scully Bobblehead 2: Vin Scullier

The Dodgers just released their 2013 promotional schedule. Probably the most surprising item on it is another Vin Scully bobblehead, less than a year after the first one. Clearly, the demand was there for another one, but I wonder if anyone feels the first one is just a little less special now. But hey, more Vin is ALWAYS a good thing.

The rest of next year's bobblehead lineup:
  • Hanley Ramirez "I See You"
  • Matt Kemp (his third)
  • Jaime Jarrin (Shut it, Plaschke!)
  • Sandy Koufax
  • Adrian Gonzalez
  • Rick Monday "Flag Saving"
  • Magic Johnson
And two more TBA.

Some are already grumbling on Twitter about Rick Monday being a Cub when he saved the flag. I think there are bigger things in this world to get upset about.

Other items on the schedule include a hooded sweatshirt, fleece blankets, the now-standard Hello Kitty items, and a Fathead (which tells me they do have a plan for Juan Uribe).

Image via Flickr.


Dusty Baker said...

Rick Monday has been a hell of a Dodger as a player and as a commentator, and is a great part of the organization. I'm glad they're honoring him.

Hideo Nomo said...


rbnlaw said...

My son loves seeing the Monday video. Think I'll pick that one up.

Koufax too.

rbnlaw said...

Dodgers should've scheduled the Monday Flag Save for either Flag Day or the Fourth of July.

Hideo Nomo said...

@rbn: Yeah, but it's during the Cubs series, so it makes some sense.

Jason said...

"The Dodgers blew it again.

"A second bobblehead for the aging Vin Scully. But, as yet, no announcement for a Charlie Steiner figurine.

"New owners. Same bungled figurines."

- Bill Plaschke's column, 11/3/2012

Dusty Baker said...

I'm issuing a fatwah on Plaschke.

spank said...

Who wants to play with my bobblehead?

John G said...

My inside source said one of the TBA's is slated to be a Robinson/Campy/Newk tripple bobblehead.

KC & Tyler said...

No Gibson bobble-arm? That's too bad.

KC & Tyler said...

No Gibson bobble-arm? That's too bad.