Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let's Send an SoSG Reader to the MLB Fan Cave

By now you've probably heard of the MLB Fan Cave, that place in New York City where two diehard baseball fans eat, sleep and drink baseball. Baseball players and musical acts drop by; it's all very social-media friendly.

Well, they're doing it again next year, and are currently accepting applications. Although the Sons are too busy with little details like providing for their families to apply, wouldn't it be cool if an SoSG reader stepped up to the plate and made it in?

Let's look at the requirements:

While participating in the MLB Fan Cave program

Each Winner will:
•Be a passionate baseball fan
•Have a fun and creative personality
•Be highly skilled on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
•Pass a background check to the satisfaction of MLB

Each Winner must:
•Reside in a location provided by MLB in New York City
•Participate in all aspects of MLB Fan Cave activities, including but not limited to, watching every game of the 2013 MLB season, taking part in media events, interviews, etc.
•Share thoughts regarding games and topics of MLB and pop culture interest via daily blogging, vlogging and through social media platforms
•Adhere to all policies and procedures as required by MLB
•Grant all rights in all aspects of his/her participation in the MLB Fan Cave program to MLB for MLB's use, worldwide, in all media, forever.
•Be twenty-one (21) years of age or older at the time of entry

Forced to blog! Is there any worse existence?

But don't get all confident just because you fit the bill. There's also the talent part of the competition:

Please address one of the following three questions in 400 words or less
a.Tell us why you would be the ideal fan to live out your baseball dreams at the MLB Fan Cave in 2013.
b.Tell us which MLB star you most want to meet, why, and describe the video idea you would want to film with this player.
c.What would you like to see the MLB Fan Cave program do that it hasn't yet?

Yeah, the questions make getting in a little tougher, but our readers are some of the best essay-writers out there. So how about it? Which SoSG reader is willing to put their life on hold and spend a year in a baseball-themed fishbowl?


Pistol Pete Reiser said...

I nominate Frank McCourt.

karina said...

you got me at "watching every game of the 2013 MLB season" :)

rbnlaw said...

Background check? I'm out.

Hollandsworth said...

would have tried, but like Kool-Aid, I'm not 21 either.

damn. :/

Orel said...

When did we get so many young readers?