Monday, October 30, 2006

What It's Like Watching the World Series with My Wife

(footage of Derek Jeter and Ryan Howard receiving the Hank Aaron Award)
WIFE: It's more like the award is for being good-looking.
ME: The only reason Jeter is considered attractive is because of his talent and wealth.
WIFE: You are so wrong. He has great eyes. And a great smile.

(shot of Sean Casey in the dugout)
WIFE: Hey, when did Russell Crowe start playing baseball?

(shot of Yadier Molina)
WIFE: He has very feminine eyes.

(shot of Curtis Granderson)
WIFE: He's so cute. He looks like the guy from West Wing...Dulé Hill.

(shot of Jered Weaver in the stands)
WIFE: I bet he has a hot date. Is he married?
ME: How should I know?
WIFE: What's the use of watching with you if you don't have the scoop?

(shot of Adam Wainwright)
WIFE: There's a little Nicolas Cage in him.

(the Cardinals win)
WIFE: By just making the World Series, at least the Tigers have helped Detroit's economy some.
ME: Where did you hear that?
WIFE: I just made it up.
ME: I said exactly the same thing two games ago.
WIFE: Hey, I quote from the best.