Saturday, October 28, 2006

10 Burning World Series Questions

1. Who at Fox thought reviving "Scooter" was a good idea?

1a. How much crap will Jeff Suppan get for his "Scooter" imitation?

2. Is Fox the only network with the uncanny ability to cut to people with homemade signs just as they're setting them down?

3. Why are telestrator lines sometimes white and sometimes yellow?

4. Am I the only one who finds those extreme close-ups of pitchers' faces unsettling?

5. Do players who favor rakishly tilted caps find the untiltability of batting helmets annoying?

6. Why do so many players have their back pockets sticking out, as if they were frantically searching for their car keys during the walk from the on-deck circle to the batting box?

7. How many times can they show the same black guy in the stands at St. Louis?

8. Whatever happened to stadiums full of fans frantically clapping ThunderStix? (Not a complaint, by the way.)

9. Can you believe we live in a world where Craig Counsell and David Eckstein have two World Series rings? Each?

10. Does Joe Buck wear a rug?


Alex Cora said...

There was a world series?