Monday, October 23, 2006

K. Rogers v. P. Tar

Kenny Rogers already seems to have been found guilty in the court of internet opinion.

An interesting piece of anti-outrage appeared in Jon Heyman's column in which he quotes an anonymous bullpen coach: "I bet Tony La Russa's pitchers are mad at him for saying anything, because a lot of guys do it, and I'd be surprise [sic] if there's a whole staff of guys who don't do it."

So the question is: Should we care? Or is this just part of the Wacky Game We Know and Love?


Lasorda said...

I really think it is a case of the media trying to create controversy. I mean, LaRussa (the Dark Prince of Gamesmanship) didn't raise a challenge. The umpires didn't go inspect the offending hand. The "smudge" was only there for the first inning. Harping on Rogers' "cheating" (Plaschke, I'm looking at you) fails to give him his due credit for the following 7 shutout innings that he pitched.