Monday, April 03, 2017

Post-Game 1 Thread: Dodgers 14, Padres 3; Pwnage Jhoulys


Surprise, motherfuckers! There isn't a minimum-security voluntary rehabilitation facility built that can keep me away from opening day. Unless it's court-ordered.

It's one game versus the hapless Padres, but it still counts in the win column, which is more that the Giants, Cubs, or Yankees can say today. The Dodgers start 2017 off on a positive note by juicing Chacin for 9 runs, all earned. The big blow fell in the third, where Justin Turner's two-out double sparked an offensive explosion that culminated in a Joc Pederson grand slam with a Grandal solo-shot chaser. All this in a Clayton Kershaw start, as well.

Baseball is back, boys and girls, and today was a good day.


Orel said...

Surprise, Arizona, motherfuckers!

Franklin Stubbs said...

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, parental fornicators!

Neeebs said...

I say Stubbs does all write ups on a daily basis until we lose.

Franklin Stubbs said...

Rome wasn't built in a day, hermano.

I'm spent!

Dusty Baker said...

A win AND a PGT! What a freaking glorious day!