Friday, June 23, 2023

Series Thread (Games 75-77): June 23-25 vs. Asterisks

Never forget: they're CHEATERS.

Fri 6.23 7p
Sat 6.24 4.15p
Sun 6.25 4p

I'm having to put up a bunch of placeholder GameThreads while I will be off the grid, so these won't be full of my pithy sarcastic wit. I know you'll weep at its absence as you lament the void in your soul. Sorry about that.

photo swiped from this site


QuadSevens said...

*any Astro comes to the plate*

Steve Sax said...

Big win for the good guys. Glad to hear the boos were in full force!

QuadSevens said...

Altuve doesn’t like getting Boos rained down on him, so he’s not playing in game 3. Lol!

Steve Sax said...

We are still losing now in Game 3 though…

karen said...

I couldn't get on the computer but did see the games. QUESTION--are the OXY patches on the Astroisks* short for moron or contin?