Friday, June 09, 2023

Series Thread (Games 64-66): June 9-11 @ Phillies

Remember this guy?

Fri 6.9 4p: Grove vs. Suárez
Sat 6.10 1p: Miller vs. Nola
Sun 6.11 10.30a: TBD vs. Walker

I'm having to put up a bunch of placeholder GameThreads while I will be off the grid, so these won't be full of my pithy sarcastic wit. I know you'll weep at its absence as you lament the void in your soul. Sorry about that.

But I can say, as disappointing as Trea Turner has been this year for the Phillies (through June 4: batting .237 with a .655 OPS (79 OPS+), Turner is a heck of a lot better than our own Miguel Rojas (batting .218, .512 OPS (39 OPS+). Is he $300M / 11 years better? 2023 WAR values would tell vote no: Turner = 0.2 WAR; Rojas = 0.3 WAR.


Steve Sax said...

That was a brutal way to lose game 1 (on a walk-off). Our bullpen keeps finding new levels to which they are sinking

karen said...

I'm not sure if I want to put myself through this game. All these opposing walk offs are so tough to take. But, like most of us, I'll keep hanging with our boys no matter the heartache.

karen said...

Great job for Bobby Miller. Let's hope our bullpen can close this.

Steve Sax said...

9-0 win in Game 2! Yay