Monday, May 24, 2021

Kirsten Watson Is All About The Feels

We are almost about two months into the Kirsten Watson SportsNetLA tenure, and us Sons of Steve Garvey are at the end of our ropes with regards to Dodgers reporter / host Kirsten Watson.

The shoes of Alanna Rizzo, who left the Dodgers role last year, are pretty difficult ones to fill; Rizzo was knowledgable, insightful, and a good interviewer that built questions during the conversation, instead of just parroting things written down on a notepad prior to the cameras rolling.

But Watson's post-game interviews with the Dodgers players inevitably meander toward understanding their feelings. Rather than focusing on strategy, or picking up on some insight from watching the player's actions or expression during the game, Watson is obsessed with understanding how the player is feeling. I sometimes feel like I'm listening to a psychiatric therapy session.

Let's pull some examples.

May 23, to Gavin Lux, "How big did this one feel?"

May 20, to Will Smith: "Do you feel like things are going in the right direction?", and "Are those 'pinch-me' moments for you?"

May 19, to Kenley Jansen: "You got the save incredible was that feeling for you?"

May 14, to Austin Barnes: "How have you been feeling, offensively, in the batter's box." (I suppose, versus how it might feel offensively in the on-deck circle)

May 11, to Max Muncy: "Did it feel like this was the next step for you all?"

All these FEELINGS! I can't take it. I'm emotionally wrought hearing about feelings all the time with Kirsten, rather than getting any particular insights about the game or adding any statistical knowledge to the conversation. Feelings feelings feelings! Feelings, woah woah woah, feelings:

I'll try to keep adding Kirsten Watson feelings clips. For now, though, I just need to hug my teddy bear for a while.

Other Kirsten Watson lowlights:

May 21, to Chris Taylor: "What was it like watching Trevor Bauer, from your standpoint (all the way back in center field)." I really wish that CT3 would have responded, "he seemed very tiny in the distance, and I didn't have binoculars on me."

May 21, to Max Muncy: just watch Muncy's body language as he cringes his way through this interview. It's comedy gold, especially when Watson characterizes our rivalry with the Giants as "going back awhile now" (thanks, SoSG Dusty, for catching that one!).