Thursday, May 27, 2021

Dodgers Dominate NL West Ballpark "Best Features" just posted a "one great thing about each MLB ballpark" article. And the funny thing was, the Dodgers are mentioned not only for Dodger Stadium, but within two other NL West team's best thing:

D-backs (Chase Field): The pool
I’ve never been in this before, during or after a game. But the Dodgers have.

Dodgers (Dodger Stadium): The "old Los Angeles" feel
Every time I’m in Dodger Stadium, I feel like I’m in early '60s Los Angeles, like Bob Hope is going to show up and do a USO show. (With Vin Scully as the emcee, of course.)

Giants (Oracle Park): McCovey Cove
In the words of Max Muncy, “Go get it out of the ocean!”

Wow, the Dodgers' impact is everywhere--even establishing mere relevance to other teams' ballparks. I guess this saved Will Leitch from mentioning Oracle Park's sixth-inning seagulls and birdshit bombs.