Monday, July 20, 2020

Well, I'll Be Damned, This Looks Like It Actually Might Happen

Nice illustration by Robert Carter (LAT), except the blue goes on top

Well it looks like the MLB 2020 "season" is on, after all. Which means we have to clean out the cobwebs and get this rusty ol' blog up and running again.

I'm going to leave the 2019 SoSG Attendance Record up there since we won't be replacing that in this season. But I'll try to have an Opening Day post up for Thursday's game against the hated ones.

In positive news, it has been incredible to watch baseball on television even without the crowds (don't worry, we'll be commenting on those stupid cardboard cutout things soon enough). Cody Bellinger's grand slam in yesterday's 9-2 exhibition win over Arizona was a delight, not only to see that ball carom off the empty right field seats, but also to see Mookie Betts and Max Muncy work two walks and 14 pitches, setting up a Justin Turner infield single and then the Belli GS. We didn't even have an out when we had four runs on the board. It was great.

And you read that right, SoSG Sax is actually WATCHING baseball again on television, for the first time in seven years. Unbelievable. More on that later as well.

Buckle up for this sprint of a season. Not sure if we'll get all 60 games and a post-season in--the European soccer leagues give me some hope, though the US' efforts managing COVID-19 have been much more disastrous than Europe's--but who knows. We'll be there for you.


Orel said...

Well I'll be damned / I'll be damned / Jeff Hamilton's on our side

QuadSevens said...

LOL! I get this now!