Thursday, July 25, 2019

Bunch Of Series Threads: July 26 - August 4, @ Nationals, @ Rockies, vs. Padres

The perfect picture for these three series: Wash Rocks, Father!

July 26-28 @ Washington Nationals: Fri 4p (Ryu), Sat 1p (Kershaw), Sun 10a (Buehler)
July 29-31 @ Colorado Rockies: Mon 5.30p, Tues 5.30p, Wed 12n
Aug 1-4 vs. San Diego Padres: Thu 7p, Fri 7p, Sat 6p, Sun 1p

Sorry, I'm going out of town so this is all I can do for these ten games. I'll be at the Sunday game with SoSG Orel, though.


Steve Sax said...

Game 1: win! JT three-run HR in the eighth give Kelly the win, and Kenley barely hangs on for a shaky save after walking one run in. 4-2 LA

Cliff Beefpile said...

My kingdom for a bullpen arm! My kingdom consists of a 2000 Honda Civic, a small closet full of drab clothes, and about $400 cash...but still! I'd gladly give it all for a flame-throwing closer.

Bernard Harris said...

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