Saturday, July 02, 2016

Daddy's Home

At the "Legends" Game with the family DeShields. I refuse to call these players old timers cause that makes me Methuselah

As the themes from All in the Family and Hill St Blues played some other notable SONS showed up...

And even a ghost of SOSG past...

My son excitedly shouted out "HE'S JEwISH" when Sandy Koufax appeared.  But didn't have the same fervor for Shawn Green. 

After one inning Kenny Lotons hobbled defense turns an out into a double, Nomar gunned Skip Schumacher down at third and Saxy grounded out with little fanfare. 

 In a play that made me feel spry, Guerrero chased down a fly ball at such a languid pace that time itself slowed down to a halt. 

Questionable officiating and aged joints aside a fun time was had by all.  

And the DeShieldses are now 12 total bobbleheads richer