Saturday, January 31, 2015

Our Dodgefather Goes the Extra Mile

Moving story. Major props to Tommy, though that's not what he wanted out of his actions. Full story by Dennis McCarthy and video here at Los Angeles Daily News.

On the night he died this week — one day before his 91st birthday — Clifford Rich got a phone call from the man at the top of his bucket list.

Tommy Lasorda.

Riddled with cancer, Rich, who grew up idolizing the Brooklyn Dodgers and later the L.A. Dodgers led by Lasorda, lay in his bed at home in Granada Hills with his family at his side.

He had been in hospice care for nearly a month and was unable to speak or open his eyes. The only voices he recognized anymore with a slight movement of his lips were his wife and daughters.

Until Tommy called.

“Hi, Clifford, this is Tommy Lasorda and I’d just like to speak to you for a moment of your time,” L.A.’s ambassador of baseball said.
Thanks for reminding us that life isn't always about baseball, except when it is. RIP Clifford Rich. Thanks for your service and your lifelong devotion to the Dodgers. We'll get one for ya.

photo: Hans Gutknecht/Los Angeles Daily News


karen said...

Thanks for posting this one Dust. In a day of mega contracts and primadonna players (none of them Dodgers, of course) and ignorant trades to the friars it is refreshing to be brought back to reality and real life people. Thank you for you service Mr. Rich. May God bless you and you loved ones.

Hideo Nomo said...

FanFest review coming tomorrow or Monday. I know you're all dying for my thoughts on the balloon animal booth.

Dusty Baker said...

Well said, Karen.

And yes, Nomo-san, I AM dying to get your review, my brother!