Friday, February 28, 2014

Team Killeen @ Spring Training, Day Two: Pre-Game

BJ checks in:

Dear Mom:

You told me to write when I got work, and here I am. I’m a real working journalist! I got my first assignment as a blog reported for a great website. My job was to go to Dodgers Spring Training and observe, then write about everything I saw. My first day was intimidating, but it's the second day, and I’m getting the hang of it all.

I started out early in the media center, where I set up my computer and marked my spot as if I was really going to write something important. Since I was the only one in there at 8:30 am, I chatted with the really nice security person Mickey, who helped me greatly and gave me the lay of the land.

I then took my media badge and wandered over to the practice fields. I’m really good at faking like I know what I’m doing, so I just followed a few of the grizzled seasoned veterans and ended up at the backside of the clubhouse, where reporters and MLB tv and other interviewers were hanging out. Apparently, there’s some unwritten rule about talking to the players, because as each one came out, none of the reporters even acknowledged their presence. I at least said good morning to some of them. Not wanting to cause a scene, I pretended to be as blasé as the rest of the writers. When the big cheese, the head honcho, the main man (Donnie) came out, they surrounded him and, I’d like to say began pelting him with questions, but that didn’t happen. Donnie started the conversation by telling us the state of the union.

Donnie’s comments (paraphrased):

Greinke came in feeling good today. He was going to have some treatments today, and play a little catch. This didn’t negate the possibility of him going to Australia.

Dodgers non-roster invite Ross Stripling was getting and MRI on his elbow. Donnie said he tried to hide it because these guys want to play so badly they don’t want to tell anyone anything is wrong. But Donnie said that’s the worst you can do. He said the rookies do that all the time. But it’s always better to tell someone and get it taken care of early, even if it sidelines you for a few days now instead of making it worse later.

Matt Kemp had an MRI yesterday, and the doctors are reviewing the results. He will know better this week where Matt stands with his injuries.

I asked Donnie, since no one else was saying ANYTHING, if he could tell us who impressed him yesterday. He said he’s just looking for the guys to get comfortable. He is keeping his eyes open, and happy with how it’s going so far. It was too early to start talking about them.

Donnie discussed the large number of players they have right now who would fit well into the utility role, Alex, Dee, Justin, and will play them around. He said he would even put Dee in centerfield to see what it looks like.

AJ came back to camp last night and worked out, so he’s in the rotation today. When I saw AJ later, I personally asked him how he was, and he said fine.

Right now I’m in the media room, and the game starts in 30 minutes. I’ll report back soon.

Don’t worry, ma, I’m having a great time and doing well. They actually fed me lunch today, but I had to shell out $7. Not bad when you realize a Dodger dog with fries is $9!