Thursday, March 21, 2024

At-Game Recap (sort of): SoSG Nomo @ the Seoul Series (March 21, 2024)

Sons of Steve Garvey is dedicated to covering the Los Angeles Dodgers from a fan's perspective, oftentimes with a healthy dose of sarcasm. Unfortunately, the Sons' business expense accounts are limited (journalism is a going through some rough economic times, man!).

So we were able to get SoSG Nomo over to Seoul for Game 2 of this series. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford to get him in the Stadium. So Nomo has sent these pictures from just outside Gocheok Sky Dome:

Waiting for the subway

On the crowded subway

At the stadium

Relegated to watching the game at the snack bar outside

Thanks to SoSG Nomo for the photolog! (Now is probably a good time to tell you that subway fares are non-reimbursable by our finance department without a receipt.)


karen said...

Saxy...Love Our Nomo in Seoul.

Do you remember years ago posting the monologue from Field of Dreams? Is it possible for the corporate offices of SoSG to repost it? It always brings a tear to my eyes!

spank said...

good stuff Nomo-san

karen said...

YAY!!! Dodgers sign potential free agent Will Smith to a 10 year contract. It's Time For Dodger Baseball!!