Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Scoreboard Watching: NL Wild Card Game 2s (October 4)

4p: Diamondbacks' Zac Gallen @ Brewers' Freddy Peralta (D'backs lead 1-0)
5p: Marlins' Braxton Garrett @ Phillies' Aaron Nola (Phillies lead 1-0)

The Dodgers can rest up while seeing if the Diamondbacks can prevail and steal another game in Milwaukee, or if the Brewers can send this series to a rubber match Thursday. The Brewers were the overwhelming favorites for this series, but Arizona's Game 1 win now gives them a 72% chance of advancing.

Starting to get nervous.

Oh, and there's another NL Wild Card game at hand, too. And two other AL Wild Card games (first pitch, 12p (Rangers @ Rays, Rangers lead 1-0) and 1p (Blue Jays at Twins, Twins lead 1-0).

These Wild Card series are nuts. If any of the Brewers, Marlins, Rays, and Blue Jays lose--they're done for the year. Yikes!


QuadSevens said...

The Rays and Blue Jays are out. Texas and Minnesota with the 2 game Wild Card sweep.

QuadSevens said...

D-Backs are in a 2-0 hole in the second.

Steve Sax said...

DBacks now up 4-2 and still threatening in T6. Unbelievable.

Steve Sax said...

5-2 AZ, mid-8. brewers have six outs to get at least three runs.

Steve Sax said...

Snakes it is.

Wilson Contreras up to bat with two out as the tying run, but he Ks swinging. Arizona wins 5-2.