Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Games 156-159 Thread: Sept 26-28 @ Rockies

A picture of Coors Field with a couple of strays.

Tue 26 12.10p: Pepiot vs. TBD
Tue 26 5.40p: Miller vs. TBD
Wed 27 5.40p: TBD vs. TBD
Thu 28 5.40p: TBD vs. TBD

The Dodgers are still four games back of the Braves with seven games to play, so that #2 position in the NL Postseason is all but set. But there's still some milestones for which to play, namely an opportunity for Mookie Betts, who already has more RBI (105) than any leadoff hitter in baseball history, to be the first leadoff batter with 40 HR in a season (Betts is at 39). Freddie Freeman, at 57 doubles on the year, has a chance to get to 60 which would be the most in the modern era (former Rockie Todd Helton has 59).

And of course, there's no better place to chase these offensive records than Coors Field, and the Dodgers will get four chances at it. That said, I definitely would want Betts and Freeman to get some rest, too. We need them both for the NLDS, that's for sure.

photo: Justin Edmonds / Getty Images


Steve Sax said...

Betts with a leadoff single in the first, but they can’t score him.

0-0, mid-1

Steve Sax said...

Oh they went with a Ferguson opener today. Interesting.

Steve Sax said...

Wow that was lucky. outman Ks for the third out, but ball gets by and Heyward scores from third and Outman reaches first.

3-1 COL

Steve Sax said...

Lost Game 1, 4-1

Steve Sax said...


Peralta with a pitch violation to start his AB, and then he hits a two-out RBI single! 2-0 LA

Steve Sax said...

CT3 with a two-RBI single! 5-0 LA in the second

Steve Sax said...


Freddie Freeman just blew this game open with that three-run bomb. Holy cow.

8-2 LA, T8

Steve Sax said...


JD Martinez with a two-run homer in the first, for his 99th and 100th RBI

Kik√© just hit one for his 10th of the year, so it’s 3-1 LA

Steve Sax said...

Ryan Yarbrough: not good today

COL up 7-3