Friday, October 02, 2020

Doc Joins Outraged Dodgers Fans About ESPN's In-Game Interview Scheme

Dodgers fans watching Wild Card Game 1 were incensed to hear Karl Ravech and crew pepper Dodgers 3B Justin Turner with questions WHILE HE WAS ON THE FIELD DURING PLAY. Notwithstanding Turner was beset with a faulty earpiece anyway, it seemed like a very intrusive idea, especially for a broadcaster who won't even consider putting its own play-by-play team in the Stadium, yet has no qualms about poisoning the athletes themselves.

Well, Doc Roberts is pissed off at ESPN, as well:

Interviews with managers or inactive players during a game are a fixture of national broadcasts these days, but in-game interviews with players on the field are becoming increasingly common. They are often seen in spring training and the All-Star Game, and even in the regular season lately. Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo received praise for one such appearance in spring training this year.

However, interviewing a player as he attempts to play in a postseason game, which is infinitely more consequential than a spring training or All-Star Game, rubbed at least one person the wrong way: Turner’s manager.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts told reporters on Friday that he only learned of ESPN’s plan an hour before the game and said there would be no repeat performance on his team.

I like ESPN but this experiment was a stupid idea. Glad that Roberts is telling them where they can stick their (faulty) mikes.