Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dodger Blogger Luncheon

Getting the field ready - even the top of the foul pole

Shock top Brat

My favorite the Kings Hawaiian Dog

The Dodger organization kindly invited the various bloggers to preview the changes in the stadium, taste the new menu items, and preview the promotional items.  I was mostly intrigued by the new menu items especially with my obsession with baseball and food (see Blue Plate Specials).  Some of the rookies coming up to the plate are:

Levy Restaurants Menu Items

·      King’s Hawaiian Dog
o   All-beef quarter pound dog topped off with a pineapple salsa, served on King’s Hawaiian bread
o   Locations: Extreme Loaded Dogs: 248, 421, 736
·      Gouda Kobe Burger
o   1/3 lb. premium wagyu burger (“Kobe” beef) topped off with caramelized onions, pickles and special dressing (1000 Island)
o   Locations: Elysian Park Grill: 222, 223, 422, 747, 748
·      Chicken Verde Sandwich
o   Grill marked chicken breast on telera bread with jalapeno aioli, lettuce, tomato and tomatillo verde sauce
o   Locations: Healthy Cart: P420, P738; AMPM: 201; Marketplace: 205; Tony’s Stand: 420
·      Shock Top Bratwurst
o   Spicy pork bratwurst link infused with Shock Top beer served on a buttered and grilled lobster roll with caramelized onions and spicy brown mustard
o   Locations: Think Blue BBQ: 251 (Grill Area Only)
·      Specialty Nachos Verde
o   Crispy tortilla chips with tomatillo verde sauce, pickled jalapenos and fresco Cotija Queso
o   Locations: TBD
·      Smoked BBQ Wings Bundle
o   15 smoked chicken wings tossed in a BBQ sauce served with fries and veggie sticks with two soft drinks
o   Locations: Think Blue BBQ: 251

BBQ Wings

Salsa Verde Nachos
I really enjoyed the King's Hawaiian Dog and the Shock Top Brat.  The salsa verde chips got a little soggy and I thought that the BBQ wings were good, not great.  But everyone else was raving about the sauce.  The Kobe burger was nice as well.

They also had some promotional items that were on display.  Of course the bobbleheads were a big hit.  The AGon bobblehead and the replica stadium were neat to see and they look great.  Other items were the Turner Chia Pet and the Vin Scully Avenue T-shirt.  There was also a spacious cooler bag.  I always thought that a clear dodger bag would be a nice promotional item.  I think that fans would use them with the additional benefit of the security lines would be much faster as bags could be “searched” without opening them up.  I mentioned my idea, and hopefully they will act on it. 

Mock up of the Vin Scully Avenue shirt

Anon celebrating

Nice cooler bag

Replica stadium

More pins!

Dodger Promotional Items

·      Adult Hooded Sweatshirt
Presented by Bank of America
April 13 vs. ARI, 7:10pm
·      Adult Replica Jackie Robinson Jersey
Presented by Bank of America
April 15 vs. SF, 7:10pm
·      Knit Cap
Presented by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
April 16 vs. SF, 6:10 pm
·      Clayton Kershaw Bobblehead
Presented by Security Benefit
April 25 vs. MIA, 7:10pm
·      Fleece Blanket
Presented by LG
April 27 vs. MIA, 7:10pm
·      Justin Turner Chia Pet
Presented by Cedars-Sinai
April 30 vs. SD, 6:10pm
·      Kids Corey Seager Replica Jersey
Presented by Hi-Chew
May 1 vs. SD, 1:10pm
·      Dave Roberts Bobblehead
Presented by State Farm
May 11 vs. NYM, 7:10pm
·      Replica Stadium
Presented by Farmer John
May 14 vs. STL, 6:10pm
·      Kids Batting Gloves
Presented by Kellogg’s Rice Krispies
May 15 vs. STL, 5:05pm
·      Welcome Mat
Presented by Farmer John
May 17 vs. LAA, 7:10 pm
·      Neck Pillow
Presented by Emirates Airline
May 23 vs. CIN, 7:10 pm
·      Adrian Gonzalez Bobblehead
Presented by Time Warner Cable
May 25 vs. CIN, 7:10 p.m.
·      Don Newcombe Bobblehead
Presented by United Healthcare
June 8 vs. COL, 7:10 pm
·      Cooler Backpack
Presented by Your SoCal Honda Dealers
June 20 vs. WSH, 7:10pm
·      Reusable Tote Bag
Presented by MLB Network
July 30 vs. ARI, 6:10pm
·      Retired Numbers Pin Series (10 pins)
Presented by 76
May 9: Pee Wee Reese #1
June 4: Don Sutton #20
June 16: Duke Snider #4
July 5: Roy Campanella #39
July 7: Walter Alston #24
July 31: Jim Gilliam #19
August 8: Jackie Robinson #42
September 4:  Sandy Koufax #32
September 7: Don Drysdale #53
September 22: Tommy Lasorda #2

We then got to go on a tour of the stadium, from the Top Deck to down on the field.  We saw all of the awards and got to sit in the dugout.  It was a very windy day, but that made for clear pictures.  Seems like they were doing a lot of sprucing up the place from washing the seats to fixing up the dugout club.  They were also installing new palm trees along Elysia-- I mean Vin Scully Avenue.  It looks really nice.  
Hi Dad!

I thought that the pictures on the newer gold gloves looked pretty lame

I guess they fixed Ethier's rage dent

Old visitor's locker room

No more Nancy Bea (cries)

From the Vin Scully Press Box

In all it was a great time, and got me excited to get the season started.  Remember, Dodger opening day is on April 12th!  Go Blue!


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