Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Catching Up: Good News and Shit Sandwich

Per LA Times' Bill Shaikin:
The Dodgers open the season on the road -- and Vin Scully will be there.

Scully said Wednesday that he would broadcast the April 4 opener in San Diego -- the first game of his 67th and final season as the voice of the Dodgers.

"I love opening day, wherever it is," Scully said. "It's so near. I said I'd love to share in that."

Scully, 88, said he would not call the rest of the series.
Excellent noticias! This means Vin will be calling the season opener (in San Diego) and the season closer (in San Francisco). Cannot wait to hear Vin call in the game from Petco.

Now on to the stinky part, courtesy Bill Plaschke:
In a move that echoed the broadcast turmoil of winter 1972...the Dodgers’ ghost television network made yet another galling decision recently when it announced it was cutting back spring training broadcasts from 31 to 16.
That's right, kids. We'd gotten used to catching mid-day, weekday Spring Training baseball from Camelback Ranch. At least, those of us who can watch Dodger telecasts had. Now they've halved the number of ST broadcasts. I understand that they don't get huge ratings, but: The Dodgers have their own fucking network to show these games and to get fans excited about the upcoming season (a point Plaschke makes in his column). Instead they'll show some completely obscure Dodger games from decades ago. This is low-hanging fruit, so not sure the rationale if there actually is one.


Fred's Brim said...

I know the Time Warner deal is a long one but at what point do they have to start trying? Or is the network just a tax shelter for the Dodgers and/or TW?

Alex Cora said...

This whole TWC debacle is hilarious. Three years and there still isn't a deal. Amazing.

spank said...

shit sangwich: Vin is ending his career in San Francisco.

in other news Kershaw is named opening day starter. what a surprise.

Cliff Beefpile said...

While I do love watching vintage games, there are about 21 more hours in the day for that sort of thing! Show (those of us who can actually see the damn games) the current model! Is MLB Network picking up any of the slack?