Friday, November 01, 2013

Options Declined On Mark Ellis, Chris Capuano

$1M to both Capuano and Mellis, as the Dodgers declined options on both, rather than pay either big money for the 2014 season:

The Dodgers on Thursday declined the 2014 options on left-hander Chris Capuano and second baseman Mark Ellis, buying out each for $1 million to make them free agents, although either could re-sign with the club.

The Dodgers and Capuano had a mutual option at $8 million for 2014, while the club held a $5.75 million option on Ellis. The team seems to have more interest in bringing back Ellis, but in a reduced role after signing Cuban free agent infielder Alexander Guerrero, based on comments made last week by general manager Ned Colletti.

Ellis, 36, would be viewed as insurance at second base if the 26-year-old Guerrero isn't ready to start the season in the Major Leagues. Ellis also could be a starting option at second if the Dodgers believe Guerrero can handle shortstop and Hanley Ramirez would be willing to move to third base. The Dodgers will evaluate Guerrero while he plays in the Dominican winter league. [...]

Capuano, 35, had a rugged season in 2013, also his second with the club. He went on the disabled list in April with a strained calf muscle suffered in a benches-clearing incident with the Padres, then in June with a strained lat muscle and was limited in September with a strained groin. He went 4-7 with a 4.26 ERA in 24 games, 20 starts, one of them on three days' rest in June when the club was in a real jam. He would still be valuable to the club as a left-handed swingman, but not at an $8 million salary, especially with right-handers batting .312 against him.

Mark Ellis was a steady albeit old second baseman, and this certainly puts a lot of pressure on Guerrero to be ready soon. As a friend of mine mentioned last night, Mellis could have made a good Schumaker-like utility player for us off the bench.

Capuano wasn't worth $8M to be a distant 4 or 5 starter. Hopefully he ends up finding a home at a lower salary, but my hope is that that home is somewhere else; despite rare pockets of steadiness, Capuano was more often than not a shaky starter. Either player could still end up back with the Dodgers having tested free agency.


Fred's Brim said...

I feel safe with MEllis at second and would be cool with him in the Punto role and batting against lefties. I can't imagine he would be OK with that but maybe he would rather stick with a bunch of guys he likes and has a chance to win with.

I will miss Cap, that fragile bastard, as I liked rooting for a Duke guy, but I just can't see him providing more value for us than some other dudes we will have coming back

Dusty Baker said...

Good free agent list to reference during the Hot Stove League:

rbnlaw said...

Talk is MEllis comes back at a reduced salary. Cap is a gone-o.