Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crosstown Rival Grabs Headline Of Its Own: Hamilton To Angels

Josh Hamilton: five years, $125M.

Josh Hamilton is going from the Texas Rangers to the rival Los Angeles Angels.

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels confirmed Thursday that Hamilton agreed to a contract with the Angels. Multiple sources have confirmed to ESPN that the deal is worth $125 million over five years.

The Angels have not officially confirmed the signing. A baseball source said Hamilton will take a physical exam Friday, and that the contract is likely to be announced Saturday.

Hamilton, 31, has yet to complete his physical with the Angels, sources told ESPN. His medical records have been a concern for teams other than the Angels, according to sources.

Speaking Thursday after a Rangers holiday luncheon, Daniels said, "That's accurate," when asked whether Hamilton had joined the Angels, claiming he had been informed of the decision by the slugger's agent, Mike Moye.

Early punditry seems split: it still might not make the Angels a playoff team, though it's an upgrade over Torii Hunter, says David Schoenfield. And those fourth and fifth years look dicey, according to Keith Law (insider only).

Anyway, it at least cements SoCal, which is surprisingly not on the east coast, as the center of the baseball universe. That in itself is cool.


QuadSevens said...

With all the new players taking their talents to SoCal, the freeway series should be fun!

Dusty Baker said...

The temptations of Fullerton will soon get the best of Hamilton, and he will be a bust.

It happened to RBN that way, too.

Hideo Nomo said...

When Greinke strikes out Hamilton to win the World Series, all of Texas will weep.

rbnlaw said...

Dusty speaks the tooth! Damn those trendy pubs.

Meaniebreanie said...

@Hideo - Texas is already weeping!

Meaniebreanie said...

@Hideo - Texas is already weeping!

rbnlaw said...

Breanie sighting!

Franklin Stubbs said...

I still can't stand the Angels, but priorities have changed. Chalk this up as "don't particularly care, we have bigger fish to fry"

Ben G said...

I still don't understand how a team we play 4-6 times a year in another league is a "rival"