Monday, August 02, 2010

SoSG Fest 2010 Pictures and Recap

Except for the outcome of the game, SoSG Fest 2010 was a successful afternoon spent.

I have to thank my fellow Sons, Orel, Alex Cora, and Delino DeShields for both attending and for footing the bill for the group. I have to thank Rafael and Kim, and their manager Chris, for their fine hospitality as well as the couple of rounds they generously donated to our livers.

And most importantly, I have to thank the fine readers of Sons of Steve Garvey for coming to watch Saturday's game with us, giving us a chance to meet the people behind the avatars (or future avatars). Honestly, your participation is a lot of the reason why we keep this blog going, and getting together and realizing that we're just as passionate about the Dodgers and sarcastic as all get out in person, as we are on the blog.

Plus, one of the Sons (who will go nameless), was honestly a little concerned that the event would be kind of lame. Unlike other Dodger blogs who organize big events at the Stadium, we figured a 45' tv screen might pale in comparison--but hoped that the prospect of endless sub-$12 beers (take that, Frank!) might compensate for being cooped up indoors (which frankly for an afternoon game isn't such a bad idea rather than baking to death; and, this was an outdoor patio). But the friendship, food and grog, and Dodgers made for a pretty sweet afternoon.

Communal laughing at the hipster wearing the open button-down shirt and orange short shorts was also pretty sweet (there's a European country waiting for you somewhere, buddy! This place is probably not your scene, however).

Dusty Baker was the first to show, almost an hour In advance, I needed a drinking buddy and he was kind enough to introduce me to Dos Equis Amber, which was a nice find (Dusty is the kind of guy who tells the change of seasons by the new Sam Adams brew getting connected on draft at the bar, so I trusted his recommendation).

Carlos (aka what_difference_does_it_make) was the next to show and he came jersey-adorned. Hearing him tell the tale of his visit to Angels Stadium, interacting with a racially offensive usher and totally uninterested guest relations department, built a level of bile about the Angels that I hadn't really established until then (I had always been neutral on the Angels, but the story of his treatment by Angels brass really pissed me off). Mr. Customer was close behind and finding out the overlap in his profession and some of the Sons' circles was pretty cool. Plus, he's bigger than I am, so I can attest he is indeed always right.)

Carlos, Dusty, and Mr. Customer get the party started. "At SoSG Fest 2010, Vin!"

The rest of the gang came pretty quickly thereafter. Nancy Bea, a regular reader but not yet a frequent commenter, said that what's holding her back from commenting was that she didn't have anything to say--which was met by a uniform chorus of "that doesn't stop any of us!", which was pretty hilarious. We are hoping Nancy Bea's friend "ShameyJamie" makes a debut comment soon. Josh S. came wearing a Win For Vin shirt and we are hoping that the unanswered texts to Mrs. S. doesnt mean he's sleeping on the couch. John G. had the coolest non-Dodgers t-shirt on; plus, his charming guest regaled us with tales of her friends who are dominatrixes (dominatrices?). Here's hoping she starts commenting, too.

And finally, betsy rodriguez and her husband were there. Some of you know that Betsy, a season-ticket holder, has graciously offered extra tickets on our site when they can't make the long drive from behind the Orange Curtain to the Ravine and back to Pomona. Those offers don't come all that often, though, because Betsy is a Dodgers diehard in the truest sense; she and her husband attend almost every game themselves. (And they don't pay for parking, so suck that, Frankie!) She's the kind of fan the Dodgers are honestly lucky to have--sticking with the team through this trainwreck of a season, and proud to be a Dodger fan throughout. We are grateful to have her as a reader on SoSG as well, and that she humped it out on a Saturday afternoon to help make sure that it wasn't a total "SoSG Fest".

But enough of this blather; on to the pictures:

Gentlemen, start your smartphone device! Dusty even brought his iPhone charger (visible from the prior picture), predicting "everyone would laugh at me at first, but then love me soon afterward."

Betsy and husband.

The anonymous Sons mingle in the crowd.

Casey Blake crosses the plate after his solo shot, which proved to be the Dodgers' only run.

Dusty holds court.

We promised we'd give away prizes. (To be fair, John G brought a Broxton bobblehead that we almost threw out onto the street when he blew the save, but ended up giving the bobblehead to Mr Customer for being the last man standing.) (There's also a photo-enhancement opportunity here a la No Way Out if someone wants to try to unveil Sax's identity.)

Paralyzed by the pain of losing. Another round!

One final thank you to all of you who were involved with SoSG Fest 2010, particularly those readers who attended. That was a fun time. We'll do this again sometime soon, so make sure your livers are still in training!

SoSG Fest 2010 Invitation Logo by karina!


Mr. Customer said...

Wow, I had the most horrible dream about the Dodgers' season yesterday. No, wait. That's reality. I get confused sometimes.

Steve Sax said...

Just sent you (and all guests) an email...

Fred's Brim said...

awesome shirt, Dusty!

Josh S. said...

Mr. C: Oddly enough, I did have a dream last night where the Dodgers had an offensive explosion. The Ravine was rocking like Game 2 of the '09 NLDS. We'll see how much of a prophet I am.

Josh S. said...

Thanks again for the party, guys.

And an extra thanks for the weight-loss motivation photos!

Fred's Brim said...

and I am giving up on the Emo FB avatar. There's no need to project my pain and sadness that way.

dodgerbobble said...

Sounds like you all had a good time.

Dusty - Dos Equis Amber. Good stuff.

Betsy said...

You guys totally rock, thanks for having us! It was an awesome time (sans the loss of course).

Dusty Baker said...

I don't always drink beer, but when...oh who am I kidding? I always drink beer.

Stay thirsty, my friends!

Fred's Brim said...

"Dusty holds court"

and a french fry!

Dusty Baker said...

It was a French court, I suppose, FB.

Off with their heads!

Meaniebreanie said...

Thanks to the sons for subsidizing the event. It looks like a great time was had by all (despite our loss). It's nice to be able to associate the faces behind the names of people we "chat" with. I would love to make the next one assuming I'm deemed worthy.

Dusty Baker said...

The last picture ("Paralyzed") is priceless. Perfectly captured the hellish moment.

Mr. Customer said...


I'd say three of the five stages of grief are represented in that image.

Mr. Customer said...

Ha! I did send a follow-up e-mail not to bother, but thanks for the witness protection anyway.

Josh S. said...

I liked Mr. C's Mr. C hat. It was sharp.

Mr. Customer said...


Just realized now that Young MC is off to the Bucs, my self-identification as the Old Derelict MC just won't have the same panache anymore.

Dusty Baker said...

@Mr C

Don't some point late in Young Mc's waning career, when life has dragged him down and sucked the strength and agility and pitching prowess from him after a highly successful career as a setup man, Dodgers will re-acquire him for an exorbitant fee to make use of his services, such as they will be, for the last two months of the season.

Dusty Baker said...

"The one who drinks less pays the bill"

Concept could never work with this crew. We'd still be there, outlasting each other.

At least until Mrs Josh S stopped texting.

Mr. Customer said...


Ah, but then I'd just be the *other* old derelict MC. End of an era, I tell ya.

Steve Sax said...

Love the logo, karina!

But we didn't drink the least, trust me! I was good for at least five or six pints easy (Dusty, you can vouch for my imbibing rate, right?).

Dusty Baker said...

Sax was strong in the pint consumption department, indeed.

Anyone ever figure out what those house round of shots were? I feel like I should have made fun of its fruit, pinkish nature, but on the other hand it was free and I scarfed down the +1 shot just to be sure.

Josh S. said...

Dusty: Rafael said it was "tequila and something."

I honestly didn't taste (or feel the effects of) any alcohol in it. But hey, free is free.

Josh S. said...

I had to limit my pint consumption (and get it done early) since I was driving. I still managed to polish off three pints and a shot. According to karina's rule, I would have had to pay.

Thankfully, the Sons are rolling in Google ad money, so I didn't have to.

Dusty Baker said...

"Tequila and something"

Good enough for me. Sold!

Josh- we should have had MRs Dusty caravan both of us since we don't live that far apart. Live and learn...

what_difference_does_it_make said...

"Dusty is the kind of guy who tells the change of seasons by the new Sam Adams brew getting connected on draft at the bar" LMAO!! I'm a pretty heavy drinker myself and if i didn't have plans after SOSG fest, I would have kept drinking with all of you!!!

Steve Sax said...

Re: the shots: a wise man once told me, "if it's free, take it." On second thought he may not have been that wise, since that did lead me to months of penicillin treatments. But that's another story.

I felt no alcohol in those shots but who's counting... I appreciated the bar's gesture nonetheless.

Dusty Baker said...

^ I mean since you and I don't live that far apart. Mrs Dusty and I do not live very far apart at all. Much to her chagrin, I'm certain.

rbnlaw said...

Damn. Way to rub it in people.
Were it not for my unyielding devotion to my son's soccer career, I could've been there drowning my sorrows with real (snarky) fans. Instead, I had only my wife to complain to.

Her standard response: "They suck."

Still, the boy posted two clean sheets to finish the tournament, so I have that going for me.

Neeebs said...

I didn't realize that Mr. C was such a shy-ster.

Perhaps the warrant is still outstanding for that last..."incident."

rbnlaw said...

Oh, and if there is another Fest this season, I have only two requests:
1. I am included
2. We get to see Les Bleu in the playoffs.

I have a feeling I'm going to have to settle for just one here.

rbnlaw said...

Apparently there are some frustrated puzzle solvers still looking for him.

Paul said...

"Communal laughing at the hipster wearing the open button-down shirt and orange short shorts..."

I thought Neeebs wasn't able to make it?

Dusty Baker said...

Oh, snap, Paul!

*wipes brow*

Neeebs said...


*shhhhhhhhhhhhhh* incognito

Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

If our team is gonna take a big dump this year, there's no better outhouse to hang than SoSG. Wait, is that a compliment? Oh well, looks like ya'll had a great time this weekend. Wish I coulda been there.

Mr. Customer said...


I try to err on the side of caution. After all, the internet is full of freaks and weirdos like me. For the record, I gave Sax the OK to leave off the anonymizer, but he'd already re-posted.

Dusty Baker said...


Whatever your're into, that's fine and we support you 100%.

Mr. Customer said...


Another benefit to anonymity is that I can say "Fuck this, I'm taking the afternoon off to work on my PCS puzzle submission. I'll just tell everyone I'm on an important conference call and not to be disturbed."

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Neeebs said...


Remember, I'm the King of Hypotheticals.

Steve Sax said...

Sorry for the typos my friends. This post was a pain in the ass to do on the iPhone.

Neeebs said...

Looks like the heart of Beverly Hills. I've been there. Knocked down a few, and cursed opposing counsel there as well.

Eric Karros said...

Sorry I missed it. Looks like an awesome time except for the game.

Josh S. said...

Learning the true(?) origin of Flo from Progressive was worth suffering through the loss.

(Team Flo 4 Life.)

Dusty Baker said...

I missed the Flo part. I guess one might say I wasn't going with the Flo.

Still hate that annoying skank (Flo) and want her permanently removed from my television screen.

Paul said...

I was able to see the uncensored version with Mr. C.

He must have robbed the bar after everyone left. No evidence to be found online.

Neeebs is the man. No doubt about it.

Paul said...

For those of you who didn't get to see the uncut version, Mr. C sports a mean gold grill.

Dusty Baker said...

He's got a gold tooth
You know he's hardcore
He'll show you a good time
Then show you the door

Neeebs said...

Got a feeling I've been here before
Watching as you cross the killing floor
You know you'll have to pay it all
You'll pay today or pay tomorrow
You fasten up your beaded gown
Then you try to tie me down
Do you work it out one by one
Or played in combination
You throw out your gold teeth
Do you see how they roll

Neeebs said...

Covered so well by the Flaming Menudos. (When we were on the Steely Dan kick a few years back.)

karina said...

Several thoughts:

1)we're a good looking bunch :). Orel agrees with me!

2)to the nameless Son, it's not the venue, it's the company

3)my cousin was on LA in the weekend and he gave rave reviews of Dos Equis on facebook(I don't drink beer but I'll have to try it sometime)

4)I see there's a important percentage of SoSGers wearing glasses

5)@Dusty Baker had been there, I'd have paid the bill, because I get drunk easily unless I eat a high caloric, high fat and carbs meal for two before and that trick doesn't always work cc Josh and my darling Sax

6)@Steve Sax thank you very much for the compliment, but Mr C has a LOT to do with it.I was working on another ideas and I ended doing it that afternoon,while the idea struck me while driving back from the hospital

7)"Tequila and something", that sounds perfect!

8)I'd love to say a couple of things to that hipster...I can be my cruelest,meanest and funniest with those

9) I saw the uncensored Mr C's pics and that's why I realized we are a bunch of four eyes :)

10)you should do it again! great post! even if I can't make it, for this year, at least.

This post just made my day!

Mr. Customer said...


Ah, I can't take any credit, other than maybe inspiration, but thank you.

I'm guessing the glasses are a direct result of us always having our head buried in a book (or thread)

Dusty Baker said...


You were definitely missed! We needed your optimism, your fashion advice for the aforementioned hipster, and to kick us under the table when we got over the line. Mr. C and I were supposed to do that to each other, but we quickly figured out we were poor judges of what was over the line.

Any time you show up in LA, you can be sure we'll have some sort of special gathering!

Steve Sax said...

Yikes, just caught a bunch more typos so I made some more edits. Sorry about that, carlos and betsy.

Dusty Baker said...

Good thing you caught those, Sax. History would not have been kind.